Hsien-Tsung Chang

Lab Leader

In our laboratory, practical ability is the most crucial core skill. I personally love freedom, hence I provide students with boundless freedom as well. Here, happiness is not just an attitude, but the sole operating principle of our lab.


Xiao-Min Chen

Master Student (AI)

Hi there! I'm Xiao-Min Chen. I enjoy playing volleyball, listening to music, and eating delicious food. I'm introverted and not much of a talker, but I'm very easy to get along with!


Celine Ai

Master Student (CSIE)

Hello everyone, I'm Celine Ai. I come from a big family in Linkou and stayed at Chang Gung University for my bachelor's and master's degrees. I'm a Virgo and I have a cheerful and easy-going personality. Welcome to join the best lab in Chang Gung University! 👍



Master Student (CSIE)

My name is Casey, and I'm a first-year master's student in computer engineering. My MBTI is ENFJ and my interest is in fitness. If you like sports, joining the Lab means you can work out with a beauty!


Kanwar Muhammad Afaq

Ph.D. Student (CSIE)

Myself kanwar Muhammad Afaq. I am a PhD student. I am from Pakistan. I am interested in machine learning.


Lokasara Mahadevaswamy Chaithra

Master Student (AI)

As a first-year master's student in the Artificial Intelligence department at Chang Gung University, I am deeply immersed in the field of AI. My passion extends beyond personal pursuits; I thrive in collaborative environments. Whether participating in team projects, contributing to research work, or engaging in corporate initiatives, I bring abundant enthusiasm and expertise. Eager to build an international network, I value the exchange of ideas across borders. My academic journey is not just about mastering AI but also about fostering connections between academia and the global community, making meaningful contributions to the ever-evolving field of artificial intelligence.



Master Student (CSIE)

INFP/Scorpio/Slash Youth/Enjoys Illustration and Music.



Master Student (CSIE)

Hello! I'm a graduate student eager to graduate. 😥 My weekly routine includes part-time work, lab work, fitness, and departmental team activities. Occasionally, I go swimming and play badminton. I absolutely love water activities and camping. I really wish I could take a vacation and travel abroad!



Master Student (CSIE)

I am Kevin, a computer engineering enthusiast who loves playing basketball. I have been a part of a research lab for two years, currently engaged in research related to voice recognition. In the future, I aspire to work in the gaming industry.


Ru Yi Zhang

Master Student (AI)

I am currently studying at the Graduate Institute of Artificial Intelligence at Chang Gung University. My research area is in Natural Language Processing. I graduated with a degree in Information Management, and I have some experience in web design.



Master Student (AI)

Hi, I am Howard, studying as a master's in Artificial Intelligence. I love to singing especially Japanese songs.



Master Student (CSIE)

Hello everyone! I'm Arissa. I like sports, traveling, and eating (≧▽≦) Haha.


Hsu, Bo-Kai

Master Student (CSIE)

Writing a thesis is so difficult. Please donate your receipts to help a graduate student. I'm a virtualization/system/front-end/back-end/all-over-the-place engineer.


Chien-Ming Huang

Master (CSIE)

Hello everyone, I am Jianming Huang, but you can call me Jianming. I graduated from the Department of Information Engineering at Chang Gung University and am currently pursuing my master's degree. I enjoy eating delicious food, listening to J-POP, and sleeping until I wake up naturally. And here's a joke to end with: One day, a crab and a fish made plans to go out. But the fish was late. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Crab: = = (等魚等🐟 Waiting for fish in Chinese)



Master (CSIE)

Hello everyone, I am Keming from Taoyuan. My hobbies include playing badminton, basketball, and also programming?


Kai-Yuan Chien

Master (CSIE)

I'm a pure-bred otaku. My interests include reading novels, comics, and playing video games. I usually enjoy listening to Japanese songs. I'm not very good at programming... but I use ChatGPT to help me. Occasionally, I play badminton and welcome others to join me for a game (`・∀・)b.



Master (CSIE)

Hi, I'm Jessica, and my research focus in the lab is on recommendation systems. In addition to my academic pursuits, I have been actively involved in organizing and participating in volunteer service activities at Chang Gung University, where I have served rural elementary school students, often taking on leadership roles in these events. Through the Ministry of Digital Affairs scholarship program, I had the opportunity to intern at the SEAQIS organization in Bandung, Indonesia, assisting in website development. These various experiences have allowed me to maintain a balance in diverse environments.

Pushpavalli Mohan

Pushpavalli Mohan

Master (CSIE)

I am Pushpavalli Mohan from India. I am currently working as Junior Research Fellow at SRM University tamil nadu, India. I received my Master degree from the department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Chang Gung University, Taiwan in 2023. And my research interests include machine learning, deep learning AI, and face recognition.



Master (CSIE)

I am Sandy, a software engineer who prefers sitting to standing. My biggest wish in life is to retire before going bald. If you have any good hair growth secrets, please send an email to our lab leader. I would be forever grateful. 🥹


Ammar Amjad

Ph.D. (CSIE)

I received my Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the Division of Computer Science and Information Engineering at Chang Gung University, Taiwan, in 2022.I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU). My research interests include speech processing, language learning, speech analysis, speech synthesis, voice pathologies, auditory neuroscience, and more.

Lal khan

Lal khan

Ph.D. (CSIE)

Dr. LAL KHAN is from Pakistan. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Foundation University Islamabad, Pakistan. He received the doctoral degree from the department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Chang Gung University, Taiwan in 2022. His research interests include machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), and speech recognition



Master (CSIE) Ph.D. (CSIE)

CMoney Corporation, Senior Engineer


Tsai Chen Chou

Master (CSIE)

I'm Tsai Chen, currently single and stable 😔. I'm working as an engineer at an e-commerce company (not Shopee or Momo). If you're seeking a stable job and a peaceful retirement life, and aren't too concerned about the salary, feel free to interview at our company. However, if you end up in a more challenging department, I won't be responsible. Also, if the company goes under before you retire, I won't be responsible for that either.


Kenneth Hung

Master (CSIE)

Formerly worked as a backend engineer for an e-commerce company, now working as a backend engineer for a one-stop hybrid cloud management service. Enjoys playing video games and listening to music.



Master (CSIE)

Love making money



Master (CSIE)

Like to travel and have delicious foods.



Master (CSIE)

Good at Oracle,.NET

Sabih Ahmad Khan

Sabih Ahmad Khan

Master (CSIE)

AI Design Engineer


Edward Lin

Master (CSIE)

Former front-end director at CMoney, currently responsible for leading the company's web, iOS, and Android development teams, managing about 60-80 people. Regular duties include technical architecture assessment and planning, as well as personnel management.



Master (CSIE)

Keelung Elementary School Teacher

Clief Sengkey

Clief Sengkey

Master (CSIE)

Interested in Data Analytics and currently working as People Analytics/HR Analytics

Hieu Nguyen

Hieu Nguyen

Master Student (CSIE)

I'm always eager to see the world!



Master's Dropout Student (CSIE)

Hobbies: Scuba diving, board games, singing.

Dr. Nilamadhab Mishra

Dr. Nilamadhab Mishra

Ph.D. (CSIE)

Dr. Mishra is an Associate professor at VIT University, India. He has 22 years of national and international involvement in academic teaching & research at recognized Indian, Taiwanese, and African universities. He has over Fifty publications in SCI/SCIE and SCOPUS-indexed journals, ISBN books and chapters, Indian and Australian patents, and IEEE conference proceedings to his credit, and he serves as a reviewer, associate editor, and editorial board member in SCI and SCIE-indexed journals and conferences.



Master (CSIE)

Job Description: AIOT system architecture planning & development, data analysis, ISO vibration analyst. Interests: camping gear assembly, really good at singing, professional at witty banter, fitness (starting tomorrow).



Master (CSIE)

Working as a software engineer in an IC design company



Master (CSIE)

I am a front-end engineer, but I have also worked on mobile apps, ROS, and backend development. I have a passion for music, gourmet food, and travel.


Lin Cherry

Master (CSIE)



York Tsai

Master (CSIE)

ASML Java Engineer


YiTing Wang

Special Project Student (CSIE), Secretary

Nontraditional IT Professional My first job was as an iOS software engineer, where I worked on several apps that were launched on the App Store. I then ventured into the world of virtual currency as a UX designer, gaining some knowledge about blockchain. After getting married, I traveled the world for 113 days. Upon returning, I found that my boss had closed the company, so I decided to have children and temporarily left my IT career behind. Currently, I'm still waiting to regain my freedom.



Master (CSIE)

I don't know what to write.



Master (CSIE)

The Engineer Who Gets Fatter Despite Trying to Lose Weight



Master (CSIE)

Currently in charge of European business in the IPC industry.


Cloud Liu

Master (CSIE)

Too lazy to write.


Kevin Wang

Master (CSIE)

Spent most of my time programming in a laboratory, then transitioned to working as a laborer in a factory after entering the workforce. Started with consumer electronics and gradually shifted to participating in cross-era energy infrastructure projects. Although not exceptionally gifted, I've generally approached my work with a fervent energy, hoping to achieve commendable accomplishments.


ChienYu Kuo

Master (CSIE)

I am delighted to join WideLab. My days in graduate school were some of the best experiences of my life. Currently, I am working as a hospital information engineer. My interests include traveling and gourmet food. Members who are looking for a stable life are welcome to contact me XD.