About WIDELab

WIDELab – Web Information & Data Engineering Laboratory

Dr. Hsien-Tsung Chang

Dr. Hsien-Tsung Chang, born in the picturesque Hualien, a place known for its rustic countryside charm, embarked on his academic journey at National Chung Cheng University in Chiayi. There, he achieved his Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees in 1998, 2000, and 2007, respectively. In 2007, Dr. Chang joined the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at Chang Gung University, where he began his career as an Assistant Professor. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 2014 and later to Full Professor in 2020. In the same year, he was honorably appointed as the Director of the Bachelor's Degree Program in Artificial Intelligence at Chang Gung University. During his tenure, he actively contributed to the establishment of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and the Department of Artificial Intelligence.

During his doctoral studies, Dr. Chang's primary research area was in large-scale WWW search engines. He collaborated with members of the GAIS Lab to develop and publish the GAIS search engine, a tool that played a significant role in the Chinese-speaking world at that time. After graduating, he shifted his research focus to information retrieval and artificial intelligence, particularly in areas such as natural language processing, sentiment analysis, big data, and web services. These fields represent the cutting edge of computer science and are closely related to industry developments.

Founded on 2007.08.01 – With the mission of transforming data into intelligence.

WIDELab was established in 2007 at Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Chang Gung University, coinciding with the rise of Web 2.0 and a period of vigorous development in global internet information. Since its inception, the lab has consistently focused on web data as the core of its research. Our team utilizes methods from data engineering and artificial intelligence to deeply explore and analyze the wealth of digital human information. We are dedicated to developing intelligent web information and data engineering solutions, aiming to lay a solid foundation for the future of technology and to advance the field of information science.

Our vision: See the world through a WIDE perspective.

WIDELab starts with the 'WIDE' perspective, signifying a 'broad, comprehensive, and in-depth' understanding and application of data. We believe that through thorough analysis and intelligent transformation, data can become more than just information; it is a force that drives social progress. Our research is not limited to theory but places great emphasis on practical application, with the goal of maximizing the value of data.

Cultivating Future Leaders

We warmly welcome students passionate about big data and artificial intelligence to join us. Whether you are a high school student, a college student, or a graduate student seeking a master's or doctoral degree, WIDELab offers you a free, joyful, and enriching learning and research environment. Here, you will not only gain knowledge and degrees, but also learn how to apply this knowledge to real-world problems, becoming a leader of the future.

Join Us

If you yearn to learn in a happy and free atmosphere, and wish to transform your academic pursuits into knowledge beneficial to society, then WIDELab is waiting for your participation. Let us explore the mysteries of data together and create a smart future!